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Britannica Content Discovery

Increasing findability of different content types.




Previous Hompage
Previous Hompage

The home pages for the Britannica School reference product were one of the last things completed at the time of the product overhaul a year earlier, and did not get as much design attention due to that timing. For this project, the product team wanted the homepage for the Elementary school content level to be a more lively and engaging place, and one that encouraged much higher desire for return visits – to create a feeling of “I can’t wait to see what’s new today”.



Brainstorming Ideas with Editorial
Initial Brainstorm with Editorial
Alternatives to Article Content
Alternatives to Article Content Types

One of my key roles on this project – in addition to the usual creation of wireframes and documenting intended interactive behaviors – was to be a liaison to the editorial staff that worked on the elementary school level. I encouraged them to think of different ways to engage elementary students, instead of just relying on a static, labeled link.


New Templates - Initial Concepts
New Templates – Initial Concepts



New Homepage Feature as Launched

The solution we came up with was a regularly updated hero panel of 4-6 slides. Each of the slides themselves had an interactive element within it as well – either a quiz, a playable video, or a word wall around a theme topic.
My contributions were knowing the site content well enough to recommend what to feature, being able to advocate for the user and explain the benefits, such as higher usage and higher return visits, to a department that wasn’t completely convinced.

New Elementary Homepage in Action