Katie Lamp

Britannica Subscription Authentication

Reducing confusion on an unsuccessful login.




Previous Authentication Page

The current authentication page wasn’t addressing users who might have landed on this page from a search engine, and didn’t offer any help or direction, only 2 fields: username and password.

Additionally, Google was having a hard time telling which country’s site version belonged to which, since the failed login page itself for Britannica UK was identical to Britannica US. In a couple of site visits, the UX team observed students searching for “britannica school” from Google. Instead of the .com site, they were taken to school.eb.co.uk, and in some cases couldn’t use their US-only credentials to successfully log in


Authentication Page Wireframe

I worked with with the product owner and marketing director with the goal of creating more of a landing page resource that could address multiple audiences. I created proposed page structures to add explanation text, help links and product videos.


Redesigned Authentication Page

The end product was an authentication page which was still highly functional, not increasing effort at all for current customers, but greatly expanding the information available to everyone else.

And fortunately, the most recent observation showed that US students were getting the US site as their first Google result.