Katie Lamp

Walgreens Seasonal Template

Creating a reusable template to eliminate seasonal one-off pages.




Seasonal Template Overview Slide

Each year, a new static one-off page would be required to be created for a handful of holidays or seasonal events, such as Mothers’ Day, Halloween, and Back to School.  The pages would then be deleted from the site once the event was done.  This created an issue for SEO, since algorithms used by search engines penalized temporary pages.


Seasonal Template Board Sketch 1
Seasonal Template Board Sketch 2
Seasonal Template Data Source Diagram
Seasonal Template Wires with data source annotation

I worked across teams to partner with the product database setup team, marketing, and marketing’s visual design team.  Before designing anything, I worked with the item setup team to make sure that the structure of product data was able to be called into the design, instead of a static list of products.  Once that was certain, I met and sketched with the visual design team who had been responsible for creating the one-off pages, and created a new design that could be more “set it and forget it”.  I was responsible for the overall structure and navigation of the page, as well as defining and documenting the new dynamic page elements.


Seasonal Page Template Live

The launch of this new template allowed the item setup team to have control over when seasonal categories appeared, and what they contained, without having to wait for a code release.  New image assets could be created and updated within the content management system at any time of the year.  Finally, search engines recognize the new page templates, and link correctly.